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Upgraded my PC…

On 25th September 2005, me upgraded my PC from –

Took me a sunday to go to a store (Thanks for fetching me up! Sim Shiew Shyong (Google It)) to pickup both items and install them.

Unfortunately, despite all those happy upgrading and superb performance (me now can play 3D games while listening to a internet radio while converting DIVX files with several server and IM client running in the background), me need to format the PC and install back all stuff that me need to use and configure all the setting, which is a real pain in da ass… And me still configuring it.

Just back from cinema watching The Myth (Google It) starring the legendary Jackie Chan (Google It). Quite interesting storyline that keep me wanted more. Jackie Chan’s movie is always worth our hard-earned money…

Intrepid archeologist Jack (Jackie Chan) and ambitious scientist William (Tony Leung Ka Fai) set out on an adventure that leads them to the greatest discovery in Chinese history. Their journey starts in Dasar, India, where they stumble upon an ancient sword from the Qin Dynasty, and a magical gemstone that appears to be able to defy the force of gravity. These finds not only lead them to a mythical mausoleum, but also connects Jack to his dark past life. Through strange and provocative dreams, Jack sees himself reincarnated as Meng Yi, a general who fell for the First Emperor’s beautiful consort Ok Soo (Kim Hee Seon) some 2,000 years ago. As Meng Yi commands his troops in an increasingly desperate war against rebels, he also has to battle his own inner desires in choosing between eternal love and loyalty.

Back to the present day, where the final secret of the First Emperor is about to be revealed, as the two adventurers successfully enter the Heavenly Palace – a fortress loaded with death traps and unspeakable evils. But the closer Jack comes to this precious and final truth, the more he gets lost between the past and the present.


Most if not all of us internet user will bump into annoying website or program that install some sort of spyware into our computer. Most XXX-rated website install some dailer that dails international numbers if you wanna view the content in the website. P2P programs such as iMesh, KaZaa and eDonkey install additional spyware that log all your sensitive private data and surfing habit and send to them. Some install keylogger that log all your keyboard activity, some change your IE preferences and setting such as homepage and some merely show ad based on a webpage you viewing…
To prevent all those spyware from installing into and run on our PC system, we use anti-spyware program, much like antivirus program for viruses…

Showcasing here is two of the best anti-spyware program available. These 2 program are selected from a bunch of other anti-spyware program including the highly acclaimed Microsoft Anti-Spyware BETA (Google It) and Lavasoft‘s Ad-Aware (Google It) because of it’s efficiency in detecting spyware, elimating them and other bunch of highly useful feature.

Spyware Doctor

PCTools’s Spyware Doctor (Google It) is one of the best (if not already the best) anti-spyware program available on the market. Like Norton Antivirus (Google It), it’s use lotsa resources to enable it’s realtime protection but if your PC can handle Norton Antivirus, your PC should have no problem running Spyware Doctor. According to a local IT mag, it has the highest spyware detection and elimation rate with other little guarding plugin as well. If you go to the official website, you can see a list of protection it feature. For me most notable protection plugin is the keylogger guard that really work. It may now be able to detect all keylogger available, at least if protect our PC from some of them… Microsoft Anti-Spyware dun even scan keylogger…

Spy Sweeper

Webroot‘s Spy Sweeper (Google It) tell the most detailed information on what it will do on your system and spywares that hogging in your PC. It’s resources friendly and scanning spywares is very fast. It has a high detection and elimation rate too.

Movie – Dragon Reloaded 2

Just watched this movie Dragon Reloaded 2 (Google It). It’s a sequal to the first movie in 2003 .comedy cantonese movie by Abba Movies (Google It). It’s kinda cool comedy by it’s spastic humor. Low replay value but definately worth your money for the movie ticket..

A review from –

    Nobody claimed they wanted it, but Hong Kong Cinema is giving it to us anyway: a sequel to the 2003 surprise hit Dragon Loaded. A quick recap: in Dragon Loaded, wacky cop Lung Wai (Ronald Cheng) wasted time, made some faces, kicked some butt (he was supposedly an ace martial artist), and did nothing truly important or interesting. He also won the the heart of cuddly Stephy Tang despite looking like Ronald Cheng – an impressive feat indeed. The movie scored, making Cheng an instant comedy star. Now Cheng returns for Dragon Reloaded, a plotless comedy sequel that hinges on the exact same conceit as the original film. Basically, it’s all about the star. If you can’t stand Ronald Cheng, then Dragon Reloaded will not change your mind. But if you like him, then this can be fun stuff. Pick your side.
     Lung Wai returns, along with pals Gold (Cheung Tat-Ming) and Hei (Sam Lee), though one wonders why they haven’t been fired from the force yet. Aside from running a station house like a nightclub, the trio also appears on a "Hong Kong’s Most Wanted" TV show, which is little more than another excuse to see Ronald Cheng in drag. The trio get uprooted for the sticks when they vacation to Golden Pond Village with former chief Tang (Tang Jin-Fung). However, they irk the rough and tough SDU/OCB squad, who are led by the steel-jawed Rock (James Wong Ka-Lok). The tough cops are after a local villager who stole a Goddess Statue, thereby bringing bad luck to the village and annoyance to people far and wide. During an ensuing chase, the cops almost get their man, but the Lung Wai and his pals predictably get in the way. Rock gets pissed, and the cop trio gets punished.
     Said punishment: take the place of the local police on Golden Pond Village to possibly find the criminal. This would imply some sort of assignment, but by the way these guys act, you can hardly tell that they’re cops. Instead of actual work, the trio attempt to swindle the locals, hit on any female in sight, and basically mess around for a good ninety minutes. The highlights: they unearth a local ancestor for a quick Mr. Vampire reference, incur the wrath of the ever-mischievious locals, and engage in comic face-offs with local bully Tiger (Ken Lo, sporting terrible sideburns). Lung Wai also attempts to romance Miki Yeung, who takes over for Cookie bandmate Stephy Tang as the love interest du jour. Eventually stuff happens and the case gets solved, though actual police work is never in evidence. If you think that sounds like a plot, then you’re an extremely forgiving person.
     Still, using most Hong Kong comedies as evidence, it’s obvious that plot is NOT the main issue here. The point of any Ronald Cheng comedy vehicle – and possibly any comedy directed by Wong Jing heir-apparent Vincent Kok – is simply shtick, shtick, and more shtick. Occasionally there are attempts at romance or other gooey feelings, but even then it’s barely in evidence, as everything is so broadly played by Ronald Cheng that nothing seems to matter at all. True drama? Real emotions? Actual tension? None of it exists because Cheng punctuates everything with such eager-to-please comic gusto that he’s basically smacking us over the head with a giant comedy-sized mallet. Cheng and Kok are in this for the cheapest laughs possible, and they mine local pop culture, old Hong Kong flicks and genres, and out-of-nowhere gags that sometimes manage to be surprisingly funny. Case in point: an inspired bit where the SDU/OCB guys name their operation the "Hong Kong Film Awards," and go by the codenames Wong Kar-Wai, Johnnie To, Wong Jing, and Tsui Hark. It’s totally nonsensical and absolutely pointless, but hey, it’s funny.
      At least, it’s funny part of the time. Comedy is hard, and again using most Hong Kong comedies as evidence, it’s nearly impossible to hit the mark with any real consistency. Dragon Reloaded follows suit and sometimes proves interminable and downright uninteresting. Vincent Kok (who triple threats as director/producer/writer) doesn’t exactly enhance his filmography, and really seems to have lost a step from his earlier pictures (Only Fools Fall in Love, Cause We Are So Young). Back then, it seemed that Kok would be able to handle comedy and occasional touches of real emotion, but his recent output has all been on the mo lei tau side. At the very least Kok is less annoying a director than Wong Jing, but by the same token, his work is less interesting, and almost bland because it doesn’t reach the extremes that Wong’s work does. Wong Jing can REALLY annoy with his work, but at least he’s reaching you. Sometimes, Kok barely does that.
     But the big factor here: Ronald Cheng. Hong Kong’s comedy prince shows up in fine form, and though he can be annoying at times, he’s really a very likable, competent comedy lead. Cheng possesses no shame about hamming it up, and possesses none of that pesky self-aggrandizing baggage many stars do. Hong Kong Cinema was once popularized by its self-effacing, likable stars, and Cheng seems cut from the same cloth. He’s still a somewhat raw comedy performer, but he does possess enough charisma to be both laughable and likable, and he can engage an audience’s emotions even when he’s not cutting up. Cheng is enough to make Dragon Reloaded an amusing timekiller – and the fact that the film itself manages a few more laughs is almost a bonus. If you’re not a fan of Cheng or nonsense comedies, then Dragon Reloaded will not convert you to the cause. But for what it is, Dragon Reloaded is occasionally amusing and even surprising – and really, it’s hard to ask for more than that. (Kozo 2005)

Thanks to a colleague of mine, me get informed that Hamasaki Ayumi  (Google It) had just released her newest single titled HEAVEN (Google It) on 14th September 2005.

2005 has been a truely amazing year for megadiva Ayumi Hamasaki. Her first single had 2 songs, instead of the usual 1. Her second single also had 2 songs, plus extra remixes. and now the 3th single has one song, but also remixes of her previous single "fairyland c/w alterna". Heaven is used as the themesong for the much expected movie "shinobi" which hits the Japanese threathers in September. Because of the expected enormeous success of Shinobi, Ayu has been working on this single from march already. And from what we can hear, that work payed of. The song is a beautiful modern ballad with a sentimental ancient japanese athmosphere. The lyrics are like a poem, that describe the beautiful love story of the samurai-movie. On top of that it’s an amazing single, it’s AYU! Everything she touches turns into gold. All her singles are bestsellers and reach the #1 on the charts. You just can’t miss out on this single, buy it now!

Me just watched Dark Water (Google It)… Kinda boring for a movie that suppose to be a thriller and me almost slept on the couch…

Here’s a little review from

Director Walter Salles (THE MOTORCYCLE DIARIES) helms yet another American adaptation of a Japanese horror hit, and while he brings a more poetic and personal perspective to the subgenre, the plot and tone of DARK WATER are much too muddled for him and the cast to save.

Jennifer Connelly contributes the strongest performance as Dahlia, a determined mother with a troubled past of her own. Ariel Gade, who plays Ceci, is mercifully tolerable in the typical role of a child who communicates with the dead. John C. Reilly casts his eager-to-please routine in an effective new light as the manipulative realtor. There is also Pete Postlethwaite as a cranky super with an awkward accent, and Tim Roth makes an appearance as Dahlia’s deceiving lawyer (quit snickering).

While each of these actors contribute fine work, they still can’t salvage the convoluted plot. The film follows the traditional ‘slow burn’ pacing of its overseas counterparts, but then a rushed third act tries to turn the tide towards the dramatic. Salles foreshadows like it’s going out of style, but the conclusion is easily predictable, seeing as it’s basically the same ending as many similar films. (Surprise: The author behind the Japanese original of this film also wrote the novel that became THE RING.) One of the biggest factors that dooms this movie is its misleading publicity campaign. The dilemma parallels that of March’s THE JACKET. The advertisements tout a horror film that audiences will never see. The scariest thing about DARK WATER is how scary it isn’t. There aren’t even the ‘boo’ jump-scares of THE GRUDGE, nor is there a steady creep-out a la THE RING. If anything, it’s more along the lines of a psychological drama, but even then, it’s an thriller lacking thrills.

Salles covers all bases of maternal paranoia in his effort to create tension. Child abandonment is the most recurring theme in the story, and as Dahlia’s past begins to haunt her, the reliability of the lead begins to evaporate. Nonetheless, a strong cast and effective atmosphere cannot make up for the unrewarding characterization, school of red herrings, and frequent genre-shifting. While DARK WATER may run wide, it sure doesn’t run deep.

Holiday vacation~ At Port Dickson

Ahh~ Me had a really relaxing vacation at Port Dickson (Google It) on 9th-11th September 2005. Me go with with a bunch of friends which me knew in an online game. They even allowed me to stay overnight at their house the night before we start the journey to Port Dickson (PD). These precious friends are those friends who you only find once a blue moon…
On the first day we reach PD, we went to the beach near the hotel we stayed but unfortunately, the beach is quite dirty and we just swim around the hotel’s swimming pool… At night, we setup a BBQ near the beach. Everyone there enjoyed themselves chatting and fooling around. We managed to get around together eventhough some of us never meet before! Then the next morning after we check out of the hotel we went to a nearby cybercafe to play the online game but unfortunately the cybercafe blackout 30 minutes later. Then we went to another beach. This beach is better than the beach at the hotel because it’s cleaner but it’s not so deep. One of us lost her digital camera here though. The camera had most of our pictures at PD >_<. It cost her RM1600 and as me know, it’s her present from her parent T_T
After that we went back to home but before that we did stop at a tea shop and me meet even more player of the online game! We talk so much there until me missed the train back to my home and me had to take an overcharged taxi to reach my home…

Anime – Kannaduki no Miko

Aaa… To my disbelief… This is a lesbian anime. Yeah me repeat again, it’s a lesbian anime from TNK (Google It).
Kannaduki no Miko (Google it) or Kannazuki no Miko (Google It)
is a very boring but luckly only 12 short episodes anime filled with
lesbian love… At the ending, the 2 main heroin just keep expressing
love to each other… Duh…
And to add some twist to lure
boys to watch this anime is it’s mecha stuff, but yet it doesn’t really
tell why their mecha fighting with other evil mecha, the main hero just
fight fight until episode 10, me think that’s when the script writer
finally figured how the story should START! >_<

Little introduction from Anime.NFO

is a small town somewhere in Japan, which is sounded by nature. In this
town, there is a large and gorgeous school, Otobashi Gakuen, which was
founded to make the students familiar with nature.

This story starts off with Kurusugawa Himeko. She is a normal student who goes to Otobash Gakuen.

leads bright and enjoyable school days with her two friends, Himekawa
Chikane and Ogami Soma. Chikane is a daughter of a distinguished
family. She is excels at both studing and sports. Also, she is wise,
and beautiful. Furthermore, she has familiar personality and is very
popular among the other students. Ogami Soma is a Hiemoko’s childhood
friend. He has problems expressing his emotion directly, but he is very

On Himeko’s 16th birthday her fate changes..


Today me bought this new DVD player – Pioneer DVD Player DV-585K-s (Google It) to replace the china branded VCD player that failed me recently… The wow factor of this DVD player is it can play DVD-R (Google It), DVD-RW (Google It), CD-R (Google It), CD-RW (Google It) on top of normal disc. It can even play DIVX (Google It) video files, MP3 (Google It) and WMA (Google It) music files, recorded in a CD! It has normal composite video output (Google It), S-Video output (Google It), and Progressive Scan (Google It) supported component video output (Google It). Too bad my TV does not have the component video input T_T. But the real reason me pay RM380 for this player is to replace the karaoke function of the china branded player for my parent. This superb player accept 2 microphone with echo tuning function. Me myself will use this player to watch DIVX anime animation coz of it’s very user-friendly, fool-proof operation. Before this, me use either my PC or a Sony Playstation 2 to watch DIVX. But if me watch DIVX through PC, the PC will suffer from slowdown and all my other important application (IM, Web server, automatic gaming client, syncronizing server, remote desktop, etc etc) will suffer from slowdown, while the PS2 will need to go through a lot of disc loading, before me can load a DIVX movie into it. This Pioneer DVD player really makes my life easy >_<

Currently me have 6 devices capable of reading DVD disc –

– This Pioneer DVD Player DV-585K-s

Hail and bow below me DVD player!

Wow… Cannot believe it… Me have 6 DVD playing devices already? Me guess me spending too much on these stuff already… Time for me to upgrade my PC already…
Currently in version 3.1, it is kinda the best multi IM client, it let me connect to –
 – Jabber (Google It) – This mean you can use Google Talk (Jabber plugin available only in the Pro version – USD25. Basic version free.).
without installing one client for each network thus, saves my precious system CPU and RAM resources. It has cool no-nonsense easy configuration interface with many third party plugin downloadable via it’s official website.

Little introduction from the official website –

Trillian is a fully featured, stand-alone, skinnable chat client that supports AIM, ICQ, MSN, Yahoo Messenger, and IRC. It provides capabilities not possible with original network clients, while supporting standard features such as audio chat, file transfers, group chats, chat rooms, buddy icons, multiple simultaneous connections to the same network, server-side contact importing, typing notification, direct connection (AIM), proxy support, encrypted messaging (AIM/ICQ), SMS support, and privacy settings.

Without stealing your home page and with no other included software, pop-ups, or spyware, Trillian provides unique functionality such as contact message history, a powerful skinning language, tabbed messaging, global status changes (set all networks away at once), Instant Lookup (automatic Wikipedia integration), contact alerts, an advanced automation system to trigger events based on anything happening in the client, docking, hundreds of emoticons, emotisounds, shell extensions for file transfers, and systray notifications.

Now you can contact and IM me via –
MSN – pip_017^ (replace the ^ with @)
ICQ – 112484852
YM – pip_017
Google Talk –^ (replace the ^ with @) 
 Hmm, me now still figuring how to configure Trillian to connect to Google Talk (Google It) network via Trillian’s Jabber plugin, so that me wouldn’t need to install yet another IM client. Perhaps me need to know the Google Talk server or ports maybe? UPDATE – Use Trillian Pro to connect to Google Talk tutorial. Me currently have 3 IM client running, Trillian, MSN and ICQ. Gave up on QQ IM (Google It) coz it’s hard to use, superb resource hogger, changes many internal windows file, mess up with IE  and in chinese. Will considering to signup for Skype (Google It) soon… (Yes, me haven jump into Skype craze…)