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Asphalt: Urban GT 2 (Google It) for N-Gage (Google It) is one of the most playable game on N-Gage. Superb graphic (at least on N-Gage standard) and cool gameplay makes it a must-have game for all N-Gage game deck owner.

As my quest of finding a good video converter and encoder, me stumble upon this great masterpiece – IMToo MPEG Encoder (Google It). It is a memory saver, small but robust and fast any-to-any video format converter and encoder. It easy to use for beginner but also offer more depth setting of how the output video would be, perfect for expert.

Supported format –

Video and audio codecs
Video codecs:

MPEG1 video; MPEG2 video; MPEG4(DivX4/DivX5); MSMPEG4 V1; MSMPEG4 V2; MSMPEG4 V3(DivX3); WMV7; WMV8; H263(+)(Real Video 1.0); MJPEG; Lossless MJPEG; Apple MJPEG-B; Sunplus MJPEG; DV; Huff YUV; Asus v1; Asus v2; Creative YUV; H.264; Sorenson Video 1; Sorenson Video 3; On2 VP3; Theora; Intel Indeo 3; FLV; ATI VCR1; ATI VCR2; Cirrus Logic AccuPak; 4X Video; Sony Playstation MDEC; Id RoQ; Xan/WC3; Interplay Video; Apple Animation; Apple Graphics; Apple Video; Cinepak; Microsoft RLE; Microsoft Video-1; Westwood VQA; Id Cinematic Video; Planar RGB; FLIC video; Duck TrueMotion v1; VMD Video; MSZH; ZLIB; TechSmith Camtasia; IBM Ultimotion;
Audio codecs:
MPEG audio layer 2; MPEG audio layer 1/3; AC3; Vorbis; WMA V1/V2; AAC; Microsoft ADPCM; MS IMA ADPCM; QT IMA ADPCM; 4X IMA ADPCM; G.726 ADPCM; Duck DK3 IMA ADPCM; Duck DK4 IMA ADPCM; Westwood Studios IMA ADPCM; SMJPEG IMA ADPCM; CD-ROM XA ADPCM; CRI ADX ADPCM; Electronic Arts ADPCM; RA144; RA288; RADnet; AMR-NB; AMR-WB; DV audio; Id RoQ DPCM; Interplay MVE DPCM; Xan DPCM; Apple MACE 3; Apple MACE 6; FLAC;

Another year, another security suite from Symantec (Google It). Norton SystemWorks 2006 Premier (Google It).
Although Systemworks is known as a memory hogger, it done it jone very very well. Get this only you know you need the high level of protection it offer and if you have 512MB of RAM. User of current 2005 version may wanna upgrade to 2006 as it provide more control of the program and a few additional protection modules, and a better graphical interface too. Most obvious is the new BIG Norton tab on the taskbar which may annoy user with low resolution screen (800×600) as it may too big about 1/6 of your taskbar. Luckly, you can move this tab to the icon bar…

The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, The Witch, and The Wardrobe (Google It) phew… What a mouthful of a movie name… It is based on a story book with the same name. Ppl who live in fantasy world and fairy tales should like this but not me. BTW you should see how the bad guys leader witch die 🙂

Peter, Susan, Edmund, and Lucy are deported from London to the house of an eccentric professor during World War II. They find life in the house extremely dull, until Lucy discovers a wardrobe that leads to a magical world called Narnia, where animals can talk and all are ruled over by the wise and benevolent lion Aslan. The others don’t believe her at first, but soon all of them go through the wardrobe and discover all is not well in Narnia. The land is being kept in a perpetual winter by the evil White Witch, Jadis, who turns anyone who doesn’t obey her into stone. The children join Aslan and the animals loyal to him in an attempt to vanquish Jadis.