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Software platform – Windows Mobile 2003 Second Edition.

GreenSoftware GSPlayer (Google It), currently at version v2.24, is simply the best free audio player for PPC. It even support midi files via a plugin. This great superb player is like a WinAmp for your PPC. Try it!
From the official website –

– MP3 playback using the MAD 0.15.0b
– Ogg Vorbis playback
– Wave format playback
– HTTP streaming playback (MP3 / Ogg Vorbis)
– SHOUTcast streaming playback (MP3 / Ogg Vorbis)
– ID3 v1/v1.1 support
– PLS/M3U playlist support
– 10 bands equalizer (MP3 playback only)
– Surround / Bassboost effects
– Reverb / Echo effects
– Skin support
– Hardware button mapping
– Noiseless playback (See decoder tab in options dialog)
– Sleep Timer
– Hold (Lock hardware buttons)
– PocketPC / PocketPC2002 / WM2003 / WM2003SE support

Software platform – Windows Mobile 2003 Second Edition.

The Core Pocket Media Player TCPMP (Google It) is the best, universal video clips player with advance function and support various file format. Not only it uses small amount of memory when it’s excuted compared to other media player, it can view JPEG pictures and MP3s too.
From the official website –
Supported file containers
– AVI (*.avi)
– Matroska (*.mkv, *.mka)
– MP4 (*.mp4, *.m4a)
– Ogg Media (*.ogg, *.ogm)
– ASF (*.asf)

Supported audio codecs
– Mpeg 1 Layer III
– Ogg Vorbis
– Musepack
– Windows Media Audio (on Windows Mobile devices)
– AC-3
– Adpcm, uLaw

Supported video codecs
– DivX
– XviD
– MPEG4-SP (plus B-frame support)
– Windows Media Video (on Windows Mobile devices)

Click here for the benchmark website of this program.

Still however, it can play some of *.mov, *.rm, *.rmvb properly…

Software platform – Windows Mobile 2003 Second Edition.
This superb file explorer has getting even better! Resco Explorer 2005 (Google It), currently at version v5.35, includes long-waited "Recycle Bin" features! Have you ever accidently deleted something on your cards just to find it unrecoverable easily? You can still recover your files on your memory cards by using some memory cards data recovery tools found on the net… But what the heck, Resco Explorer reserved 10% of your memory cards space for the Recycle Bin by default and by this, we wont worry about accidently deleted files again. Although this is quite useful for those with large memory cards, people who have small memory or people who backup frequently wont wanna this feature, you can turn off this feature easily in the options setting.
From the official website:

What’s new in version 5.35

  • Recycle Bin
  • Multi-language installation package
  • enhanced Bluetooth support
  • enhanced SD/CF card folder detection in Today plugin
  • easier button navigation
  • supports square screen

Key Features

  • Recycle Bin (NEW)
  • Today Plugin (NEW)
  • Multi-language user interface (NEW)
  • Navigation without stylus (NEW)
  • Press’n’hold context menu (NEW)
  • square screen devices supported
  • FTP add-in
  • send files via Bluetooth
  • send more files via IrDA (OBEX)
  • format storage card(s)
  • System info
  • Drag’n’Drop feature
  • search file/text in file
  • quick "send to folder"
  • favorites — quick folder access
  • ZIP compression
  • built-in viewer (text, jpg, png, bmp, gif…)
  • registry editor (import/export/search)
  • network browser
  • file association
  • strong file encryption
  • encryption add-in for desktop PC
  • "Send To" add-in for desktop PC


Click here for more screenshots at the official website!

It’s a MUST-HAVE software for any PPC owner! It’s really worth the cheap USD25 price!

Movie – Aeon Flux

Aeon Flux (Google It) is a futuristic action movie based on a cartoon with the same title and with an acceptable twisting story-line. Without revealing much, it does something with cloning, one of my favourite subject.

The sci-fi actioner is set 400 years in the future, when disease has wiped out the majority of the earth’s population except for one walled, protected city-state, Bregna, ruled by a congress of scientists. The story centers on Aeon Flux(Theron), the top operative in the underground ‘Monican’ rebellion, led by The Handler(Frances McDormand). When Aeon is sent on a mission to kill a government leader, she uncovers a world of secrets…

Movie – The Corpse Bride

The Corpse Bride (Google It) has average storyline. What’s great in the animation is it’s graphic effect (lighting and wind blowing effect is so real). However, the physical form of human characters which supposed to be funny, is awkward and doesn’t even look like a human, which makes this movie a no-no…

Blue-tinted, eye-ball-popping, maggot-infested beauty Emily (Bonham Carter) has become known as the Corpse Bride after waiting for her fiancé where the couple planned to rendezvous before getting hitched. When her groom arrives, he kills her, and she rests in the ground to wait for her soul mate, whether he knows he is the Corpse Bride’s groom or not. It’s a cold dark night, the moon is full, the stars are bright and the forest is a little bit creepy. Wandering through the black mangled trees, Victor (Depp) just can’t memorize his wedding vows. Victor’s hesitance towards marriage causes him to jumble the words. Two prominent families have arranged their children to be married in order to overcome financial difficulties. As the objects of betrothal, Victor and Victoria (Watson) met for the first time the night before their wedding. It only makes sense that Victor, a groom with cold feet, would have trouble remembering tedious wedding vows. Thus Victor ends up in the dark forest ringing his hands and muttering his vows, the vows that the Corpse Bride hears, bringing her out of the grave. Victor suddenly finds himself married to another woman, a voluptuous bombshell bride who also happens to be dead. Whisked away to the Land of the Dead, Victor finds out that living amongst corpses is not as easy as it seems. Heads easily loose their owners and eyes never seem to stay in their sockets, an adjustment that Victor seems reluctant to accept. Once taken into the Land of the Dead, it is nearly impossible to return, causing Victor to choose between risking Victoria’s life or giving up his own.

Hand Maid May (Google It) is our average one-boy-surrounded-by-many-girls type of anime, only in this anime, the boy is surrounded by many female cyberdolls. This anime has a good story and unusual villian cum best friend of the main character and the heroin cyberdoll charge her powers through USB port, into her… private part…

Satome Kazuya, a student at the prestigious Osza no Mizu Industries University, was never good with girls. The cute girl who lives next door continually teases him, and he pays no mind. Instead, he’s absorbed in his work, creating an Octopus robot that uses advanced artificial intelligence. One day, his boisterous rival gives him a mysterious CD-ROM that contains a virus intended to destroy his computer and ruin his work. The CD takes him instead to a website where he accidentally orders May a 4-inch robot girl designed to help out around the house.

Yumeria (Google It)… Just watched it T_T. Except of it’s ecchi-ness, there’s nothing really worth to watch it… The story is so dem suck, fortunately, it stops at 12 episodes. One of the character can only speaks "Mone mone". It’s kinda cute at first… But… Fark~!!! OMG this sucky anime even has its PS2 game!

One day 16 year old Mikuri Tomokazu has a strange dream. In the non-existing world
he sees, a young girl is fighting against enemies. In the dream world, Tomikazu
possesses a strange power and endows them to the girl, who then repels her enemies.

Tomokazu is astonished by the dream world, his strange power and then again the
mysterious girl, who wages war. But on top of all that, when he wakes up, he finds
the girl from the just seen dream next to him! All of a sudden the weird girl named
Mone, Tomokazu’s older Cousin Nanase and his uninvitedly coming classmate Mizuki
begin the fight of the dream world right there!!

Yumeria… it’s like, a land of dreams (yume). Woo. Monenenene!

So the story is about this guy named Mikuri Tomokazu, who on his 16th birthday dreams about this strange world with a girl flying and fighting against an evil sphere thing, and then wakes up to find said girl lying naked in his bed. Ara, and Nanase, the mother-figure woman that he’s staying with (since his parents are sadly but conveniently dead), sees her! Of course, the girl says nothing but variations of the word "mone", and her and Nanase instantly take to "conversing" and excluding Tomokazu, everything is good. Except he’s gonna be late for school.

So at school, Mizuki, the red-haired girl, gives him a birthday present, which is cool, until he finds out it’s a mathbook. Well, sure his grades are horrible, but still… But before any confrontation really takes place, Mone shows up. (eek, they’ve got me calling her Mone too?) So they’re going to have a party for Tomokazu tonight, and after some diversion about Mone disappearing, they have a wonderful party completely driving Tomokazu mad. They all sleep at Nanase’s house (where Tomokazu lives too), and then… Tomokazu has the dream again! But Mizuki’s with him, and then she gets the crazy getup that Mone was wearing last night. And a sphere attacks him, and they accidentally defeat it, and boobies! What is going on?!

Yeah, so despite the craziness of the series, the characters are somehow quite likeable and strangely unstereotypical in their actions. They’re not super-unique or anything, but they just don’t have those typical reactions you come to expect after seeing them over and over in so many anime series. I think that’s one of the things that makes this anime a bit refreshing, and a lot more fun to watch. Mizuki especially is like this, but I think Mone is quite fun so far as well. The OP and ED sequences are actually kind of boring, which is a surprise for anime like this, but as long as the actual series continues to be enjoyable to watch, you won’t find me complaining. ^_^

Software platform – Windows Mobile 2003 Second Edition.
Me on the quest of finding a real good RSS reader for my PDA last few days, after Avantgo (Google It) no longer satisfy my hunger of information reading >_<. Finally after a night of searching and installing various RSS reader, me came across a freeware pRSSreader (Google It), even better than some shareware! The main strenght of this RSS reader is it’s customization.


From the official website


pRSSreader is very small application. It takes about 300 KB of your PDA memory.


pRSSreader can handle many versions of feeds: RSS 0.90, 0.91, 0.92 and 2.0, RDF 1.0 and Atom 0.3.

Site Manager

Site manager allows you to subscribe to sites you want to read. You can group your feeds into folders and you can set up feed options such as displaying on the Today screen, caching options, etc.


pRSSreader can mark feed items with three states: new, unread and read. Those states are preserved between starts of pRSSreader. You can sort the feed items or you can hide already read items.

Sequential reading

Once you start reading, you can read from the start to the end without getting back to the main window to switch between items or even feeds.


pRSSreader is quite customizable. You can set up appearance of reading dialog, change font sizes, enable clear type, set the location of cache or an external browser for viewing the whole messages and many more.


pRSSreader have quite powerful caching abilities, it can cache images included within feeds, enclosures and it can also cache online pages for offline browsing.


You can import your OPML file from the Internet or from your local file system as well. pRSSreader can also export your OPML file.


You can update your feeds manually or you can also let pRSSreader to update your feeds automatically. Then they will be updated periodically (you can select the update interval).

Today screen

pRSSreader has integration with Today screen. It can simply display the number of new/unread items or can cycle feed names or even items from a feed. The plugin is compatible with Pocket Breeze.

Summary View

The summary view shows you the number of new/unread/total items in your feeds. You can also use it to switch between your feeds very quickly.

Planned features

  • Showing news that match predefined keywords
  • Support for code pages


Such a great application, too bad it doesn’t include some default news channel. We need to find the news channel and enter it to pRSSreader for ourselves before start reading >_<

And it works well with MSN Spaces RSS feeds too! Here’s mine –


Current version (1.2.0) has a known bug – cant register some article as "read" eventhough me read it. And it annoyed me when it tries to connect to the internet if something on an article is not saved/cached, mostly is images on the article.

Date: February 18th 2006
Hinter Wars (DiGi Malaysia)
BETA review by: Pip_X

An online MMMOG (3MOG) turn-based tactic-style game. Kind of like multiplayer Pokemon.

Early First Impression of the BETA version:

Phone version:
Official Recommended Requirement:
32MB of memory (MMC card)
MMC card writer or Nokia PC suite with connectivity cable / bluetooth required during installation
GPRS connection needed during game play
Supports the following Nokia handsets:
N-Gage QD

Although the game can be played with a GPRS connection, it is advisable to get a phone with EDGE connection. Also, although the official website only stated that the game works with N-Gage, virtually any S60 phone should do, I tried with Nokia 6260, Nokia 6630, Nokia 6680 and Nokia N70. On Nokia 6260 it play smoothly with occasional lag because of the slow GPRS connection. Nokia 6630, Nokia 6680 and Nokia N70 plays very smooth without a hitch.

Graphics is on par with Pocket Kingdom but there’s no sound and help and setting menu don’t open in the BETA version. Even so, ultimately, this is the best S60 multiplayer game ever exist.

It’s so convenience chatting in the game, pressing the right soft key bring u the chat interface with T9 text input. However, to do emoticons, we need to scroll each emoticon until we found the right one and then press enter or button 5, which is quite troublesome.

As with most turn-based RPG games, we need to constantly upgrade our character with greater weapon and armor, in order to advance to more greater dungeons and quests and to keep up with friends. We don’t want that when friends starting to kill dragons and boosting about it but we are still killing bats, don’t we?

PC version:
Official Recommended Requirement:
Windows(R) XP Platform
1.5GHz CPU or equivalent
32MB Video RAM
128MB free hard disk space
16-bit sound card
Broadband internet connection
Keyboard and mouse


The PC version of the game is a Java application. If you got Java compiler already installed on your machine, make sure you are using the latest version of it, which is currently at Version 5 Update 6.

The PC version graphically almost the same as the phone version but with sound and clickable setting menu and help menu. However, the sound is only some simple "Doom" like sound.
The whole client is not as polished as the phone client, there’s graphical appearances bug in the client. You’ll be more satisfied with the phone version than this PC version.

Personal experience of getting myself a free Hinter Wars BETA account:

In Malaysia, in order to play this game with 9MB of GPRS data FREE, we need to register with DiGi. I, personally went to the Hinter Wars counter at the DiGi DSS at Lowyat Plaza on the first day of the little exhibition (17th February 2006). The exhibition was supposed to start on 11AM sharp but I reach there about 11.15AM, and yet be told that I need to come again around 2PM coz the exhibition people just arrived and need time to prepare for the exhibition. So I went for a walk and returned at around 12PM, finally saw them distributing fliers about the game. I approach one of them and starting asking question. Finally I was brought to the second floor of the shop to "install" the game to my phone and filled up some forms. From those friendly and helpful DiGi Hinter Wars’s personnel, I knew that:

– To play the game, we can use either DiGi’s prepaid or postpaid plan (Actually, any operator with GPRS but if it’s not DiGi, you need to pay for the GPRS).
– 2 days after the BETA registration, we get FREE 9MB of data to play the game via EDGE or GPRS, which according to them, translate to roughly 30 hours of game play.
– Before the 2 days or after the 9MB, we get charged according to our GPRS usage. Eg; 10 sen for 10kB for prepaid. If we already subscribed to unlimited data plan with postpaid, virtually we play the game for free, until the BETA is over, which according to them, is on around middle of March 2006.
– Pricing on the game after the BETA is yet to be decided and will be announced on the official launch of the game.

After about 45 minutes on the counter/booth, finally I got myself clear on whatever we need to know if we want to play the game. For gamers who cannot go to DiGi to register for free BETA, you can refer to the DiGi website for online registration. If you register at the Hinter Wars website, u dun get free 9MB data to play with but u still can play the PC version for free until the BETA is over.

My character name on the game is Pip_X. If you meet me, plz do say hi to me, thanks.

This seems to be late news but me just knew it! Temporary named 2003 UB313 (Google It) astronomers had already found this object on 31st October 2003. For more information on this planet, please visit

An artist’s concept of the new planet from Robert Hurt NASA (Google It).