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Anime – Elfen Lied

Elfen Lied (Google It) (Wikipedia) from VAP (Google It) (Wikipedia) is a very interesting anime, with cyborg and cloning story, with childhood and love element in it. It’s an uncencored gore and blood where u actually see legs, hands, and heads teared off their body. A must watch.
Description from –

The diclonius (two-horned human) was a mutant created by humans. It had a special ability that could be described as a sixth sense.

The mutants had enough power to exterminate the whole human race. Humans being afraid of their powers, they were isolated into research labs to be studied.

One of the diclonius girls named Lucy broke out of confinement, killed the guards and escaped from the laboratory. She feel into the ocean after being shot and ended up on a beach. There she met Kota and Yuka, they named her Nyu and began to live with her.

School Rumble (2nd link) (Google It) (Wikipedia) from Studio Comet (Google It) (Wikipedia) is a very good romantic comedy anime, a must watch! Stay tuned for the 2nd stage!

Tsukamoto Tenma is a second grader in high school who, like other girls her age, falls in love. However, she could not bring herself to confess her love to her classmate Karasumaru. She discovers that Karasumaru will transfer out next year and, with the help of her friends and her little sister Yakumo, tries to confess her love. Tenma also uses unorthodox methods such as disguising herself as a nurse or shooting arrows with a love letter attached to express her feelings for him.

On the other hand, Harima Kenji, a delinquent, has feelings for Tenma. Unfortunately, Tenma’s preoccupation with Karasumara ensures that she doesn’t notice Harima’s affection, much to Harima’s dismay. To make matters worse, one day, he sees Tenma and Karasumaru having lunch together. This causes him to skip school and embark on a journey of enlightenment.

2 weeks ago, me bought myself a Nokia 3250 (Google It), to replace the old Nokia 6260 (Google It). Mine is the pure black version, as you can see in the pictures below. The main reason me bought it because it’s the cheapest S60 Symbian OS9.1 (Google It) phone, and retaining the 176×208 screen resolution, making it more compatible with current Java J2ME (Google It) application. As more and more application written for S60 Symbian OS9.1 begin to surface, me need a simple phone such as this, to test those application, including games. It’s a 2Mpx camera music phone *with a twist*. While the sounds are clearer than Sony Ericsson’s W800i, W800i sounded more sharp and loud. Nokia 3250 also have built-in FM and Visual Radio, but me need to attach the supplied handsfree adaptor in order to enable the radio.The handsfree adaptor enable us to use any 3.5mm port handsfree, ear buds or headphones, and include a interface and a array of buttons to control the music player on the Nokia 3250. Nokia 3250 does not have flash for it’s camera though, however, me cant complaint it due to it’s cheap price, and comes bundled with a 512MB MicroSD. View the full spec from

This is the theme me currently using on the Nokia 3250.

Software platform – Windows Mobile 2003 Second Edition.

Currently at v1.60, Pocket Mechanic (Google It) is the best memory card ultility for your Windows Mobile (Google It) based device. It helped me alot on memory card benchmarking.
From the official website –

Summary: The best storage card management utility: Format, Defragment, Scan and Repair, Benchmark, Test for Physical Errors, Map Bad Sectors in the FAT Tables, Delete Unused Files and Free Up Space on Your Device, Set the Storage Folder Names (WM2003 only!), View the TCP/IP Configuration, Cleanup your Registry, Delete Duplicate Notifications in the Windows CE Notification Queue and more…

– View detailed storage card information!
– Scan disk – verify and repair logical file system errors!
– Storage card format (Logical and Physical), FAT12/FAT16/FAT32 support!
– Storage card defragment and fragmentation analysis!
– Storage card benchmark – measures raw card read/write speed!
– Storage card surface/bad sectors test!
– System cleanup – powerful unused temporary and cache files delete. Secure delete feature to overwrite files containing sensible data before deleting to guarantee your privacy!

Mission Impossible 3 (Google It), is a fast paced, action movie. My heart beat fast from the beginning of the movie, till end of it.

Tom Cruise, the most exciting and successful star in the world, returns to one of his signature roles, Secret Agent Ethan Hunt, in “Mission: Impossible III.” In this pulse-racing, mind-bending action thriller, Hunt confronts the toughest villain he’s ever faced –– Owen Davian (Academy Award® winner Philip Seymour Hoffman), an international weapons and information provider with no remorse and no conscience.

The film is co-written and directed by J.J. Abrams, who brings his unique blend of action, character, comedy, and drama to the franchise. The millions of loyal viewers of Abrams’s landmark creations, the television series “Lost” and “Alias,” know what to expect: an enthralling, intricate story with an unexpected and arresting payoff that satisfies on every level.

With “M:i:III,” Abrams and Cruise turn the spy thriller on its ear as they hark back to the best aspects of the original TV series that inspired the films – a well-connected team of agents centered around a bold and heroic leader, the most exciting action stunts imaginable, and elaborate twists and turns that keep you on the edge of your seat. “M:i:III” is the action movie audiences have been waiting for.