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Here is Greenwood (Google It) (Wikipedia) by is actually an OVA based on a comic series with the same name. It’s actually a comedy anime with kids teasing each other. It’s worth the 3 hours watching this.

  One day, Kazuya Hasukawa arrives at his high school dorm. On his
  first day there, his sempai introduces him to Shun, his roommate.
  Shun happens to be a girl.  In an all-male dorm.  Shun explains 
  that she’s there due to an administrative foul-up and hopes that
  Kazuya doesn’t mind.  Kazuya isn’t exactly pleased about this…
  he left home because his first love married his brother, and he 
  couldn’t stand to live under the same roof as her…it just     
  wasn’t proper.  Shun, for her part, had been raised as a boy all
  her life and enlists Kazuya’s help to keep the secret so she can
  graduate.  This is the state of affairs at the dorm nicknamed   
  ‘Greenwood’…for a couple of days.  Kazuya finds out that he’s 
  been tricked (Shun is a boy) and that Shun, his sempai and the  
  school’s doctor (Kazuya’s brother, incidentally) were all in on 
  it.  Ahh…life in a school dormitory… 🙂   

Sakigake!! Cromartie High (Google It) (Wikipedia) by Production I.G. (Google It) (Wikipedia) is a weird and nonsense but enjoyable short humorous anime.

The most atrocious gag Manga serialized in the weekly Shounen Magazine, "Sakigake!! Cromartie High" is now being made into an Anime!
Set at Cromartie High where a group of delinquent students attend, some guys who are dangerous in a certain way are on a riot! The serious and honest Kamiyama, the King of Idiots Hayashida, the sole comedian Maeda, the bad robot student Mecha Zawa, Takenouchi who’s great at fighting but extraordinarily weak with vehicles, Hokuto who governs and rules all the Japanese highschools along with the mysterious middle aged man Freddie… Self-conceit! Can these guys be stopped?!