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Game – New Super Mario Bros.

With no doubt, the best 2D platformer has to be Super Mario Bros. (Google It) (Wikipedia) series and the version for NDS, the New Super Mario Bros. (Google It) (Wikipedia) is no exception. With new power-ups, new moves and enemies, make the whole game more interesting. (We cannot fly this time) It’s quite easy to clear all the stages, with an exception, the last green castle, which resemble very much of the earlier level in Wario Land 4 (Google It) (Wikipedia), a Game Boy Advance (Google It) (Wikipedia) game. So if you played Wario Land 4 and finished it before, u can beat this game in no time. It’s getting all the coins in each level that’s difficult. Thankfully, we dun have to collect all 3 coins in a level to clear it. Multiplayer mode rocked hard too. It’s basically 2 player trying to kill each other and steal big star from each other. Oh, and the various mini games keep the game cart from dust even u beaten the game and have no one to multiplayer with.

WarioWare: Touched! (Google It) (Wikipedia) is a series of microgames, which can be completed fast if we:
– have quick reflexes touching stuff on the NDS screen
– our eyes are fast enough to catch the images that the game is throwing to us
–  our brain fast enough to decephir what the game want us to do…
Which me dont. So its take me about a week to unlock all the microgames and character and see the credits. This game is really nice addition to our NDS game library. Just dont get too excited touching the NDS and blowing into it, if u happened to be on a train full of people, watching u.

Game – Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney

Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney (Google It) (Wikipedia) is the first game in the Ace Attorney series (there’s 4 now, only Phoenix Wright is in english, currently). Ace Attorney games is touted as lawyer, attorney simulator but then the story is line quite linear. To solve various trail cases, we need to talk to many people, go to many places, gathering important evidence and not-so-important stuff, before back to court, cross-examination witness and find contradiction to their testimonies. All this can be quite challenging as we dun know which piece of evidence is useful and which is rubbish. Cant wait for the second game of the series to be translated into english…

More screenshots from

This game… Uh… This is not actually a game, but an mini digital musical mixer for NDS, where we interact with animated plankton to create tones and tunes. Designed by interactive media artist Toshio Iwai (Google It) (Wikipedia), Electroplankton (Google It) (Wikipedia) has no objective, timer or top score, some people categoried it as a toy software rather than a game.

Bomberman DS (Google It) (Wikipedia) is… Well, is our typical bomberman game for our NDS. The touch screen is used to consume our collected powers, and according to the game manual, we can shout "Ka Boom" to our NDS to blow off bombs, but me think we’ll prefer the old button pressing way…
The single player mission is fairly easy, and can finish it under 3 hours. It’s the multiplayer mode which rock a bomberman game. Up to eight player can play, with a single cart, although no wifi play.

Game – Tetris DS

Tetris DS (Google It) (Wikipedia) is not a game that me consider me finished (nothing to finish anyway), but it just have to get it’s own entry here. The main attraction of the game that me, and me believed many bought this game, is the cool online play, which set us and 3 more unknown opponent to a good tetris battle. Yes, the game does have other offline mode such as "Standard", "Push", "Touch", "Puzzle", "Mission" and "Catch", which you can read all about those mode in Wikipedia, but it’s the online gaming support via Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection (Google It) (Wikipedia) is what make the game sell. The game has 2 online mode, the first, and perhaps the most played, is the "Standard" 2 player mode where players compete to see who constructs complete lines the fastest, "Standard" 4 players mode which is the same as 2 player mode but with items that can benefit us or distract our opponents constructing lines. The second online mode is "Push", available only for 2 players, where players construct lines to push each other to ground (ir fire). Me personally only play and compete on the "Standard" 2 player mode, where no item can be used. It’s fair and square, which is not in case with battles with item on, somebody on the losing ground could possibly change the tide, given the correct item is used.
The game is not the same old boring tetris, though. It’s enhanced with Nintendo themed background and catchy remixes of old game music. There’s Mario, Donkey Kong, Yoshi, Link and Samus, each making their appearance in various of said modes. Oh, and now we can hold a piece of Tetrimino to be use later, adding to a more interesting tetris battles.
Me usually online around 11pm to 1am (GMT+8). Do come challange me if you happen to online that time too.
My Friend Code is "914911-734430"
See you in-game~!

Feel the Magic – XY XX (Google It) (Wikipedia) or known as Project Rub in Europe, is a series or minigames that fully ultilized the NDS touch screen and microphone features, and The Rub Rabbits! (Google It) (Wikipedia) is the sequal to it. Or prequal… Dunno, The Rub Rabbits! is released after Feel the Magic – XY XX but then after we finished The Rub Rabbits!, the ending come out and told us to play Feel the Magic – XY XX to see rest of the story… Or maybe it just a gimmick to persude us to buy and play the first game. If you are looking new ways to play handheld games, look no further, this game series currently is the best game that, instead of pressing the buttons on the handheld, we must touch the screen and blow into the microphone in order to complete most of the stages. Simple graphics yet appealing gameplay with nice and silly game music and sound effect. The girls voice are so sexy but me hate the hero’s voice in The Rub Rabbits! Sometimes he’s sounded like teen, sometimes like old man…
This is not a must-have games on NDS, but it’s fun to play and definately good addition to our NDS game library.

This game is one of the main reason me bought the lovely NDS (Final Fantasy III (Google It) (Wikipedia) and the upcoming Pokemon game, Pokemon Diamond and Pearl (Nintendo) (Google It) (Wikipedia) being the other reason).
Advance Wars: Dual Strike (Google It) (Wikipedia) is the second sequal to the original Advance Wars. Advance Wars: Black Hole Rising is the first sequal.
This is the first game me played in my NDS, and the first game me finished on my NDS.
Being a veteran in AW (yes, me have finished both the original AW and AW: BHR and now this), the first thing me noticed in AW: DS is the completely different AI. Me casually go through all the mission in the first and second game with a breeze, even in the hard advance campaign, but it’s not the same case with AW: DS. Me actually had to restart several times on certain mission. The AI acted more human-like, we wont able to lure some unit with an APC anymore. It’s just seems to know what we are thinking. Gosh…
The gameplay’s still retain the same good strategy with additional units, terrain and the new dual mode, where we use two screen, controlling two Command Officer (CO).
Graphically-wise, it resemble more to AW than AW: BHR, which is a good thing as AW: BHR‘s graphic is kinda toned-down, according to rumours, it had to be done to enable more cool sound effect in AW: BHR. Now, in AW: DS, we get both cool graphics and soundtrack.
Speaking of soundtrack, yes, we can actually listen to cool soundtrack as we preparing our troops and defending our home. All those country music and marching music just keep humming in my brain eventhough me was sleeping! If you own a NDS, this game is a must have.
Btw, me suck at the mini-game real time combat. Luckly that is not required to finish the game.

Nintendo DS Lite – Da Great Companion.

Well, it’s been more than a month since me update my blog, this is because me was and is bz with my new bought baby – The great Nintendo DS Lite (Google It) (Wikipedia). Mine is pearl white in color, and it plays the greatest handheld video games in the world.

Games me currently playing –

Bomberman DS

Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney

Tetris DS

New Super Mario

Huh… Me just realized that it gonna take too much of my precious NDS-playing time to post stuff here. So me gonna stop writing for now, and will post detailed stuff on each game that me’ve completed, not played, each in it’s invidual entry. Me played many of NDS games, cant possibly blog about all of it. So only game that me completed only, will get it’s own entry here. So, plz stay tuned…

Hmm… Wait… Me should stop playing this baby and start watching those anime soon… 13 stacks of DVDs waiting for me… Mood will tell me. Me wish me have 50 hours a day…