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Super Monkey Ball – Touch & Roll (Google It) (Wikipedia) is yet another Super Monkey Ball game, but ultilized the NDS touchscreen to control the monkey ball. Very easy and fast to finish this game as it’s only involving rolling a ball around. What’s great with this game is it’s mini-games, multiplayer-able and quite fun, in-fact, fun-ner than the actual main game. My favourite mini-game is Monkey Golf and Monkey Wars, a mini FPS with cute weapon. Control are good with the touchscreen, way better than Metroid and me think this is how every NDS FPS should be controlled.

Game – Elite Beat Agents

Elite Beat Agents (Google It) (Wikipedia) is the English version of the highly popular import Osu! Tatakae! Ouendan (Google It) (Wikipedia). It have different but still wacky crazy side-story and with well-known English songs while retaining the same game-play – where we touch and slide the tiouchscreen with stylus, rhythming with the selected stage/song. Music lovers should try this game.

Game – Children of Mana

Children of Mana (Google It) (Wikipedia) for NDS is the latest addition of the World of Mana (Google It) (Wikipedia) games series. This game is a very simple slash and hack brawler that not only Mana fans will enjoy, but the rest of us too. Good graphics, soundtrack, hack/slash gameplay and gems mechanics (a way to power-up our character, besides of leveling the character) but bad story-line, repetitive-ness and menu navigation.

Movie – Death Note

Death Note (Google It) (Wikipedia) fans re-joy~!!! Both movie is great, almost capturing the feel in the manga eventhough with some major alteration with the story-line. Death Note is based on a manga (japanese’s cartoon) about a person who found a note where if he write a person’s name into the note, the person will die, how he use the notebook, and the obstacles he need to face. All anime fans should go watch both movie, me promise you wont be disappointed!

Pokémon Mystery Dungeon (Google It) (Wikipedia) consists of 2 version, the Red Rescue Team for GBA and the Blue Rescue Team for NDS.
If you ever played a Mystery Dungeon game, then this is almost the same, but with Pokémon theme. A good one, with nice story, sticking to the Pokémon philosophy. Definately a must-finish game for all Pokémon fans, like me.

TV Show – Smallville Season 5

Just finished season 5 of Smallville (Google It) (Wikipedia) (yeah me know everybody watched it already but hey, me still watched it, right?). Unfortunately, me gonna wait until season 6 to complete before me start season 6 and know how Clark gonna be released from that mirror…

Mario & Luigi – Partners in Time (Google It) (Wikipedia) is the newest game in the Mario RPG games series on NDS. Featuring almost the game RPG element as it’s previous game, it has new move and skill, and the main character’s younger version (babies). Anyone who like the previous game on GBA (Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga), will definately like this great game.
Sprung (Google It) (Wikipedia) for NDS is a text based dating game (it’s not a simulator and the graphics, the chicks are nothing to shout for). It have great story however, and some the the scenes are difficult too. Play this only if you have too much time thinking how you can impress girls anf friends.

Osu! Tatakae! Ouendan! (Google It) (Wikipedia) is a musical rhythm game where we need to touch the screen according to on screen instruction and songs rhythm which is suprisingly addictive. Featuring songs from J-Pop artists, we need to touch, slide and tap the screen where each song featuring side-story where we have to cheer them to good ending. To me, a J-Pop fan, the selection songs are very good despite some of it are quite old and not sung by original artist. A must-have import if you own NDS, like music games and love J-Pop. If you don’t really like Japanese musics, you can try another game titles Elite Beat Agents! with the same gameplay, but different side-story and English songs.

Meteos (Google It) (Wikipedia) is simple yet addictive puzzle game for the NDS. It’s play very similar with Tetris Attack with touch screen. Similar with Tetris, Meteos is very easy to learn, yet hard to really master it, you must have very good reflexes. Puzzle lover will love this.