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Game – Mario Hoops 3-on-3

Mario Hoops 3-on-3 (Google It) (Wikipedia) is a basketball game which is developed by Square Enix (Google It) (Wikipedia). It has a very good touch screen control system, great 3D graphic and in-game music composed by the same guy who do Final Fantasy‘s soundtrack. You even fight with the Final Fantasy team on the last tourney, starring Final Fantasy’s minor character such as mages and Moogle.

Cooking Mama (Google It) (Wikipedia) is a series of minigames that involve sliding, tapping and touching the NDS stylus, where these minigames is based on ‘cooking’ theme. There’s a wide variety of ‘meals’ for you to choose to cook, more than 75, but basically you do the same stuff. You can unlock more ‘meals’ after you complete a number or ‘cooking’.

Harvest Moon DS (Google It) (Wikipedia) is the first Harvest Moon game for NDS. This game is kinda like the gamecube version of the game, but with NDS’s touch screen tools and menu navigating. For those who dunno what the heck is Harvest Moon, Harvest Moon is a series of very popular farming simulator, where we need to plant stuf, watering them, care for farm animal, built/repair house and barns, etc etc. If you want a ‘The Sim’-like farming game, this is what you will need.

Trauma Center – Under the Knife (Google It) (Wikipedia) is a very wonderfully intertaining game where we ‘uses’ many different types of surgery instruments via the NDS touch screen and perform surgery to patients within a given time. It’s a very good game, make clever use of NDS touch screen, and have a great story-line. If you have no game to play on your NDS and finished all the great game that you wanna play, then by no means, try this great best-selling game.

Anime – Yakitate!! Japan

Yakitate!! Japan (Google It) (Wikipedia) is an interesting anime about a lad and how he overcome difficulties to create his dream bread, called Ja-Pan, and to become the greatest baker. Very watchable in the beginning and middle, but getting tired and the end where most of the stories keep repeating…

Summary from

"There’s English bread, German bread, and French bread, but Japan’s bread, Japan , does not exist. In that case, there’s no choice to but to create it. This story is a serious, biographical ballad of a boy who possesses Solar Hands, Azuma Kazuma, who will create a Japanese bread made by and for the Japanese people, which can be presented to the world proudly." The sarcastic introduction to every episode describes Yakitate!! Japan to a "T". Characters Kazuma Azuma – The Boy with the Solar Hands Though not the brightest bulb in the lamp, Azuma Kazuma seems to have what it takes to make the best bread he can. . . With his extraordinarily warm hands and a promise to a friend from his past, Azuma pledges his life to creating a unique bread that can only be called Japan ! Can Azuma do it? Kuroyanagi Ryou – The Harsh Gourmet Baker of Pantasia Central Maybe it’s the fact that he has to eat so many disappointing pieces of bread that’s made his as hard as he is, or maybe it’s the fact that he only truly enjoys quality bread. Either way, he is definately not an easy customer to please when it comes to breadmaking. You can tell if he’s eaten a really good piece of bread, however, if he starts to freak out accordingly to what he just ate, thus making him a definate wildcard from time to time. Kawachi Kyousuke – The Determined Best Friend of Azuma Sometimes seeming crafty, jealous, and manipulative, Kyousuke means everything he says, and says everything he means. He fights along side, as well as against Azuma as he climbs the ranks of bakerdom, hoping to one day become a world-class baker, and perhaps more! Azusagawa Tsukino – The Delicate Co-Manager of South Pantasia This kind and caring soul wants only what’s best for her shop in of South Pantasia and her employees. She’ll do anything to help them succeed. Along with Manager Ken, she helps Azuma and Kyousuke through their trials and tribulations, as well as being serious moral support for both. She also seems to be particularly fond of Azuma, but at times, it seems like she’s just as fond of Kyousuke. So she kind of plays the role of moral support and sex appeal for the anime. Suwabara Kai – The Ronin Baker of Truth Accepting momentary defeat at the combined efforts of Azuma and Kyousuke, this ronin with a rolling pin-katana trains night and day, pushing himself to the extremities of his limitations. He may lose a battle, but he absolutely refuses to lose a war to someone he thinks is inferior, or even equal to him. He finds Azuma to be his personal rival, though does indeed see Kyousuke as a threat as well. Much like Kyousuke, he thrives to become the world’s greatest artisan in the field of baking. Kinoshita Kageto – The Senior from South Tokyo Branch Who? Oh, him! Yeah, Kageto is the eldest worker of South Tokyo Branch. His senority and hard work has earned him the respect and admiration of his inferiors and then some! . . .okay, not really. In all truth, Kageto seems to play very little part in any part of the series, regardless of the fact he’s worked at South Tokyo Branch for longer than anyone. He really does deserve more respect than he gets, but tends to let his senority go straight to his head. Matsushiro Ken – The Burly But Odd Manager of South Tokyo Branch This tall, muscular fellow sports an afro and dark sunglasses, even a night. Though generally quite serious and sometimes just consise enough to get the point across, he has been known to wear fake masks to try(and generally fail) to boost moralé in humorous ways. Overall, he’s an alright guy, and definately a deep well of useful advice for team South Pantasia.Some information for this page provided by. . . Kanmuri Shigeru – Veteran and Scientist of Baked Goods The newest member in Azuma’s gang. Prior to traveling to France for the study aboard France program. He’s willing to bet a huge amount of money on the success of Azuma’s gang.

Game – Pokemon Trozei!

Pokemon Trozei! (Google It) (Wikipedia) is a puzzler where gameplay is similar with Yoshi’s Cookie (Google It) (Wikipedia) and it lossly based on the Pokemon theme, except for the non-rewarding completing the pokedex side-quest. It’s also very simple due to the usage of the touchscreen to move blocks around. Good for 10 minutes transit ride.