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Strangely, I unable to play any video files on Windows 7 with the new Windows Media Player 12 (Google It) (Wikipedia) on the laptop I used to test. I found out that this is also the cause for the issue that I had earlier with Windows Live Essentials (Google It) (Wikipedia) and unable to complete the system performance check. But with VideoLAN (Google It) (Wikipedia), I can view the video where Windows Media Player 12 will just cause the whole computer hangs. I ‘ve updated to the latest video driver but still I have this issue. Is Windows 7 build 7000 still do not support video card without WDDM driver?
As expected, Office 2007 works fine on Windows 7:

 The only issue is I cannot validate it and also Windows 7 via the Microsoft Validation page, saying that my OS is not supported.
This is the default offering for the Widgets:

Clicking on the "Get more gadgets online" brings me to Windows Vista Sidebar page.

Unfortunately I unable to test media related Gadget as the computer will just freeze.
More Windows 7 screenshots at, click here.
 – Fix the Media Player issue.
 – Fix Acer Launch Manager (hardware button is not responding.)
 – Force enable Aero (Windows 7 has decided that this old laptop is not powerful to handle Aero)
I found the Vista driver for ENE Tech. CB-712/714/810 CardBus Controller (the build-in flash card reader). Installed the driver, Device Manager reported that it’s working fine but it still unable to detect any flash card I inserted. This and the hardware driver issue that I had and still have, I guess that Windows 7 is not as hardware friendly as I thought, and it definitely do not have the full compatibility with Windows Vista claimed by Microsoft.
I’ve successfully installed Kaspersky Anti-Virus for Windows 7 and it works great:
Big kudos to Kaspersky team for a usable antivirus for Windows 7.
Windows Live Essentials (Google It) (Wikipedia) system requirement website stated that for Photo Gallery and Movie Maker, some components of DirectX9 will be install, and I strongly recommended to NOT install both Photo Gallery and Movie Maker as it crashed the OS once the DirectX9 components is installed. Otherwise, everything is working fine…NOT! The computer is still hang eventhough I only install Messenger and Writer. Not sure what happened, but Live Essentials crash my laptop, so no Live Essentials on Windows 7 for me.
The taskbar, which is now called as "SuperBar" is very nice and useful. A color indication on the tabs (color depends on the icon color) move along the cursor:
And tabs now also show progress status too:
Works on file download on IE8 as well.
For Microsoft: This is the last screen before my laptop hangs and stop responding while trying to perform performance test:
Next post: Office 2007 and Gadgets on Windows 7
Next post on Windows 7 will be on next Friday.
Please stay tuned in and experience Windows 7 beta with me.
 – Fix Acer Launch Manager (hardware button is not responding.)
 – Force enable Aero (Windows 7 has decided that this old laptop is not powerful to handle Aero)
I’ve successfully installed the WiFi adaptor driver by using the Vista driver, but not the other 2, which I have identified as:
ENE Tech. CB-712/714/810 CardBus Controller (the build-in flash card reader)
Strangely, Windows Vista installed this driver automatically on the last time I tested the OS on this laptop. No worries, minor issue, I don’t use FireWire and I can use a external card reader.
Another bug I found out, I unable to put Windows 7 to sleep state. The HDD spin but it wont stop for more than 30 minutes. I gave up after second tries and I changed the power setting to never sleep:
And I installed Adobe Flash Player so that I can blog via IE8. Installed successfully via the install website:
While doing all the testing in Windows 7, I’m having difficulties in differenciating between active application or just quick launch shortcut in the taskbar.
Screenshot below explain:
Which is opened application, and which is the quick launch style shortcut?
After some digging through various setting, I found the setting what works for me:
Now it looks better:

Tabs with name on it, is application that is running, not shortcuts.
Windows Paint now uses Ribbon interface as well:

It’s 2:10am in the morning now and I have not installed any anti-virus yet. (Except for the included Windows Defender (Google It) (Wikipedia))
Tomorrow I will install Kaspersky Internet Security for Windows 7 and report my findings here.

I admit it, I’m a Windows fanboy. But I totally do not dig Windows Vista at all, tried twice on RTM version and twice on SP1. But still I prefer Windows XP over Windows Vista anyday. So there’s this Windows 7 (Google It) (Wikipedia) that supposed to fix and be the OS that Windows Vista can’t be. Apparently the Windows 7 hype is so HUGE so I decided to give the new OS a try on my old Acer TravelMate 3212WXCi despite my schedule is so packed with stuff. And boy I’m so impressed with the stableness (this is a beta release!) and the speed that I have to open up a 2 years old blog to report my finding on the of Windows 7 (beta build 7000). This is the system properties and device properties once the Windows 7 is installed and fully updated:

And the free space in C:/ after the installation, without any application installed yet is at 12.3GB/19.8GB. Windows 7 used only 7.5GB.


Things to do and report tomorrow: find the drivers for the 3 items (WiFi, built-in flash reader and another unknown) that still do not have the driver, and a working Anti-Virus (I’m eyeing on Kaspersky Internet Security (Google It) (Wikipedia) (Windows 7 version)).

A little bug that I found out on this beta version, I unable to complete the test for system rating, it hanged before it could complete the test. Tried thrice.
From now on I will also report on Windows 7, tips and findings, onto this Spaces. Please stay tuned.