With the boom of netbook (Google It) (Wikipedia), Microsoft (Google it) (Wikipedia) has no choice but to make an OS that don’t eat resources for breakfast like what Windows Vista (Google it) (Wikipedia) is doing. While Windows 7 (Google it) (Wikipedia) did improves on resources usage, most of us will continue to install the latest super jumbo application just to do some simple stuff, making the effort of Microsoft with Windows 7 goes into drain. The objective of this series of articles is to introduce free software that use little resources but still able to do the stuff that we want to do using more mainstream or paid software, and also to let you know some useful yet easy to execute tweaks for Windows and some software for a fast and smooth computing experience. Some of us will replace Windows Vista or Windows 7 with the old but resource light Windows XP (Google It) (Wikipedia) on their netbook, and some still using Windows XP in their old computer. This series of articles will cater to both Windows XP and Windows 7 users. If you are still using Windows Vista, please do yourself a favor, upgrade to Windows 7. An article is belong to this series of articles if the title starts with “Optimizing netbooks and old computers to run faster, for free


Let’s start the the most important piece of software in our computer – an anti-virus (AV) software to protect ourselves and our computer. The best free AV for Windows will be from the maker of Windows themselves: Microsoft with their Microsoft Security Essential (MSE) (Google It) (Wikipedia) is not only light weighed and use less resource but it also offer real time protection and have good detection rate too. Unlike other free Anti-Virus such as AVG Free (Google It) (Wikipedia), Avast Free (Google It) (Wikipedia) or Avira AntiVir Personal (Google It) (Wikipedia), MSE is less cumbersome, less nagging, almost zero configuration, you don’t even notice it once you installed it, until it detected a virus and needs your attention. It update itself silently via Windows Update (Google It) (Wikipedia).

You can download this piece of fine and free AV at the official website.

If you have other free AV installed into your computer, please uninstall it first before you install MSE.

Support link to clean uninstall other free AV:

To uninstall other paid AV (You don’t really want to replace the software that you already paid, do you? But just in case…):
NOD 32
Panda Security
Trend Micro


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