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If you own a touch-enabled computer (computer with touch-screen), you will notice that beside Microsoft (Google it) (Wikipedia) first party application, almost all other third party application made by other software vendor do not support pan scrolling (scroll by holding finger/stylus on the touch-screen then move it up or down). One of the most used application on our computer is the web browser. Internet Explorer 8 (Google It) (Wikipedia) do support pan scrolling by default but some of us prefer to use other faster web browser, such as Opera (Google It) (Wikipedia). Opera do support pan scrolling but it’s not turned on by default and the option to turn it on is hidden quite deep in Opera configuration page. To show only that option, enter this to Opera’s address bar: opera:config#Scroll Is Pan . You will see a checkbox to turn on the “Scroll Is Pan”. Tick the checkbox then click on “Save” to save the setting.

The reason Opera do not have this option turned on by default is once this option is on, you cannot select text anymore. When you try to select text, it will just scroll instead. In order to select text, you will have to turn off this option. It’s very troublesome to always go to the configuration page to un-tick the checkbox and save it just to turn off the option. Fortunately we can create a button to temporary turn off the option. For that purpose, enter this to Opera’s address bar: opera:/button/Override%20Scroll%20Is%20Pan,,,,%22View%20flat%22 , then click on the address link to install the custom button.

EDIT: Opera 11 users must use the button found here: Toggle Scroll Is Pan Button Once you are in the website, click on “Scroll Is Pan” button.

You will see the “My Buttons” prompt come out. Just drag the icon to anywhere you like for easy access:

The icon will only temporary override the Scroll Is Pan setting, every new tab that you open will still be in Scroll Is Pan mode until you click on the button to override it. To permanently turn off this option, you will have to go to opera:config#Scroll Is Pan again, un-tick the checkbox and save the setting.

Happy touching your computer!

Difficulty: 1/5
Risk: 1/5

With the boom of netbook (Google It) (Wikipedia), Microsoft (Google it) (Wikipedia) has no choice but to make an OS that don’t eat resources for breakfast like what Windows Vista (Google it) (Wikipedia) is doing. While Windows 7 (Google it) (Wikipedia) did improves on resources usage, most of us will continue to install the latest super jumbo application just to do some simple stuff, making the effort of Microsoft with Windows 7 goes into drain. The objective of this series of articles is to introduce free software that use little resources but still able to do the stuff that we want to do using more mainstream or paid software, and also to let you know some useful yet easy to execute tweaks for Windows and some software for a fast and smooth computing experience. Some of us will replace Windows Vista or Windows 7 with the old but resource light Windows XP (Google It) (Wikipedia) on their netbook, and some still using Windows XP in their old computer. This series of articles will cater to both Windows XP and Windows 7 users. If you are still using Windows Vista, please do yourself a favor, upgrade to Windows 7. An article is belong to this series of articles if the title starts with “Optimizing netbooks and old computers to run faster, for free”

Web Browser

Undeniably, the second most important piece of software in our computer is the web browser. Most of us used to Internet Explorer (Google It) (Wikipedia) because it comes with Windows. Some of us who are more computer-savvy use Mozilla FireFox (Google It) (Wikipedia). FireFox was once a smooth and fast browser but over the years, the latest version v3.6.3 become so bloated and leaking memory that by just opening a single tab with main Facebook page in the “Most Recent” view left for 5 hours resulting it to occupying 620MB of my precious RAM. It’s no surprise that everyone is switching back to Internet Explorer or some other web browser such as Google Chrome (Google It) (Wikipedia). A company from Sweden, Opera Software (Google It) (Wikipedia) which is well-known for their web browser Opera Mini (Google It) (Wikipedia) and Opera Mobile (Google It) (Wikipedia) for mobile devices and also the web browser for Nintendo Wii (Google It) (Wikipedia) and Nintendo DS (Google It) (Wikipedia), do have a web browser for Windows too. It’s very fast and use very less resource compared to other web browser.

18 tabs with only 50MB of RAM usage (Click on the image to view full image.)

It’s highly recommended to try, if you want to try it but is hindered by the installation troublesome-ness, you can download the portable version at Opera@USB. Just unzip the file that you downloaded to a location you prefer (even on your thumbdrive!), then open the file opera.exe. If you like it, you can right click on the opera.exe file, then click “Create Shortcut”. You can then rename the shortcut and move to Desktop.

My renamed Opera browser icon.

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Movie – Iron Man 2

Finally I watched the most highly anticipated superhero movie of the year – Iron Man 2 (Google It) (Wikipedia). I longed for a 3D version (Wikipedia) of the movie but alas, no 3D version… The movie is good, but the first movie was better. The replacement for the character Lt. Colonel James "Rhodey" Rhodes / War Machine (Google It) (Wikipedia) from Terrence Howard (Google It) (Wikipedia) to Don Cheadle (Google It) (Wikipedia) has greatly disappointed me. Its not that Don Cheadle’s acting sucks, but he is just not suitable to carry the role. He is serious, he have serious face, he is very good in carrying role that need serious look. But Rhodey / War Machine in the first movie was more to comical side, as portrayed by Terrence Howard. Don Cheadle doesn’t show any comical side in his role of Rhodey / War Machine at all…
Hope in the future I can have a basement lab similar like Tony Stark (Google It) (Wikipedia) to do my stuff and read books…

Synopsis from
Paramount Pictures and Marvel Entertainment present the highly anticipated sequel to the blockbuster film based on the legendary Marvel Super Hero “Iron Man,” reuniting director Jon Favreau and Oscar® nominee Robert Downey Jr. In “Iron Man 2,” the world is aware that billionaire inventor Tony Stark (Robert Downey Jr.) is the armored Super Hero Iron Man. Under pressure from the government, the press and the public to share his technology with the military, Tony is unwilling to divulge the secrets behind the Iron Man armor because he fears the information will slip into the wrong hands. With Pepper Potts (Gwyneth Paltrow), and James “Rhodey” Rhodes (Don Cheadle) at his side, Tony forges new alliances and confronts powerful new forces.


Recently, I have been bombarded with requests from many people to build them a sub-RM1.5k CPU (not including a monitor) for normal use. I have always told them that RM1.5k CPU is not only sufficient for normal use, but you can even watch 1080p videos and light gaming on it. Instead of repeating again and again, I decided to post up the components list to my blog in case I need to refer back. So below is my build of a sub-RM1.5k CPU that should last for 3 years if not 5, until it become obsolete. I referred the price from the pricelist from ViewNET (Google It) (correct at the time of writing), a computer shop based at LowYat Plaza (Google It) (Wikipedia). Their prices are among the cheapest but it’s not the reason I prefer them, it’s because their staff is the least sucky compared to all of the other shops in LowYat Plaza.

The components selected might not be the latest or the greatest available and have little to no upgrade capability, but rest-assured, it’s the best bang for bucks.

CPU – Intel® Pentium® Processor E6500RM234
Mobo – Gigabyte EP41-UD3LRM259
RAM – Kingston 2GB 800MHz DDR2 x2 – RM348
Display Card – Gigabyte GV-N220OC-1GIRM279
HDD – Western Digital 500GB SATARM139

All these amounts to RM1259, and with the reminder of the RM1.5k budget goes to your DVD drive, casing, power supply, keyboard and mouse of your choice. To fully utilize the computer computing capabilities, Windows 7 64-bits (Google It) is highly recommended.

He is my Master (Google It) (Wikipedia) is an anime based on a manga with the same name. Its your typical ecchi gag. It finished at 12 episodes, which is just right as you will be bored with the almost the same gag in each episode.

Plot Summary from
Yoshitaka Nakabayashi, a 14-year-old millionaire who got this huge inheritance after his parents died in an accident, found himself needed to be taken care of and tried to hire live-in maids to do the job. Two runaway girls, Izumi Sawatari and her younger sister Mitsuki, stumped into Nakabayashi’s mansion and got hired by Yoshitaka immediately, for Yoshitaka is not only a rich boy but also a pervert with uniform fetishes, who wants to be addressed as goshujin-sama (master). Having nowhere else to settle down along with Mitsuki’s pet alligator Pochi, Izumi accepted the job reluctantly.


Murder Princess (Google It) (Wikipedia) is a short 6 episodes anime based on a manga of the same name. It’s a fantasy battle story, although it’s not boring, it’s not really interesting either. Watch it if you are really boring, watched all pending movies and anime, and have nothing else better to do…

Plot Summary from
In the land of Foreland a coup d’état has occurred and the princess, after witnessing the death of the King, is on the run. She meets with battle-hungry bounty hunter Falis, and with a twist of fate they both switch souls, making Alita the maid of the now princess Falis. Named for her bravery in confronting the enemy as ‘Murder Princess’, Falis must continue to be the princess as well as confronting any new opponent that comes to her way.


Detroit Metal City (Google It) (Wikipedia) is a live action movie based on the anime/manga of the same name. The main character, Soichi Negishi AKA Johannes Krauser II is played by Kenichi Matsuyama (Google It) (Wikipedia). I cant believe he is this good. From L in Death Note (Google It) (Wikipedia), to lower than side-kick role in Kaiji: The Ultimate Gambler (Google It), and to this. He definitely can play all kinds of role thrown to him. This movie is definitely worth a re-watch!

Plot Summary from
Soichi Negishi moved to Tokyo to chase his dream of becoming a musician playing stylish, Swedish-style pop. Instead, he finds himself leading the death metal band Detroit Metal City, or DMC, as the costumed and grotesquely made-up "demon emperor" Johannes Krauser II. Although he hates the role and the things he has to do as a member of the band, he has a definite talent for it. Adapted from the hit Japanese comic book by Kiminori Wakasugi, the movie follows Negishi’s antics as he tries to reconcile the two very different sides of his life and find out what it really means to achieve his dream.



Movie – Ip Man 2

Ip Man 2 (Google It) (Wikipedia) is a movie that I have waited for so long. I really like the character Ip Man,  by Donnie Yen (Google It) (Wikipedia). There’s more kungfu fighting scene in this movie compared to the prequel, and it keep me wanting… Originally, this movie was supposed to be about Bruce Lee (Google It) (Wikipedia) learning Wing Chun (Google It) (Wikipedia), but I guess it has to wait until Ip Man 3?

Synopsis from
After his victory over the Japanese General in Foshan, Ip Man (Donnie Yen) moves to Hong Kong. He sets up a martial arts school to teach Wing Chun. Here, he is challenged by other kung fu masters, including Sifu Hung (Sammo Hung) who masters in Hung Quan. Sifu Hung and Ip Man draw a tie in their challenge and the latter is adored as a recognized master in Hong Kong. Meanwhile, Twister, the powerful but cruel boxer champion who despised Chinese kung fu destroyed the fruit market and harassed the kung fu institutes. Twister, who also resulted in Sifu Hung’s death, then challenged the Chinese kung fu masters for a public combat. Ip was filled with grief and indignation and he decided to take up the challenge. He swore to claim back the dignity of Chinese kung fu and the Chinese people. A furious fight is about to begin…

Movie – Cycle of Love

Cycle of Love (Google It) is a local produced movie but somehow it got into International Screen cinema on Golden Screen Cinema (Google It) (Wikipedia). I would never go watch this movie if it’s not invited by one of my friend. All the actor is local, somehow their acting don’t feel like natural. Being a local movie, many good and bad element about our local society , and also some local jokes is implemented into this movie. The ending is very good though, it’s so touching and pitiful that weak-hearted person shouldn’t go watch it or he/she will shed his/her tears…

Summary from
The movie revolves around four very different friends who are passionate about music. They decide to form a band to pursue their love for music.



Kaiji: The Ultimate Gambler (Google It) is a live action movie based on a manga / anime. It’s said to present the cast of Death Note (Google It) (Wikipedia) movies but I can only recognize the actor portraying L and Yagami Light. I did not read the Kaiji manga nor watched the anime, so I was expecting many gambling scene, as per the movie title. But it’s disappointing that there’s only TWO gambling scenes. Tatsuya Fujiwara (Google It) (Wikipedia) acting is improved tremendously in this movie while Kenichi Matsuyama (Google It) (Wikipedia) role has been reduced to smaller even than a sidekick.

Movie Plot from Yahoo Movie:
"Kaiji: The Ultimate Gambler" is an exciting psychological thriller starring Tatsuya Fujiwara as Kaiji, man forced to enter a deadly gambling competition aboard a cruise ship, to erase a large financial debt. Based on Nobuyuki Fukumoto’s hit manga series which has sold over 11 million copies, Kaiji is a 26 year-old job-hopping bum who suddenly finds himself riddled in debt after a shadowy loan company informs him that he is responsible for a loan taken by his friend (who has since gone missing) and whom he casually co-signed as a loan guarantor for!