If you own a touch-enabled computer (computer with touch-screen), you will notice that beside Microsoft (Google it) (Wikipedia) first party application, almost all other third party application made by other software vendor do not support pan scrolling (scroll by holding finger/stylus on the touch-screen then move it up or down). One of the most used application on our computer is the web browser. Internet Explorer 8 (Google It) (Wikipedia) do support pan scrolling by default but some of us prefer to use other faster web browser, such as Opera (Google It) (Wikipedia). Opera do support pan scrolling but it’s not turned on by default and the option to turn it on is hidden quite deep in Opera configuration page. To show only that option, enter this to Opera’s address bar: opera:config#Scroll Is Pan . You will see a checkbox to turn on the “Scroll Is Pan”. Tick the checkbox then click on “Save” to save the setting.

The reason Opera do not have this option turned on by default is once this option is on, you cannot select text anymore. When you try to select text, it will just scroll instead. In order to select text, you will have to turn off this option. It’s very troublesome to always go to the configuration page to un-tick the checkbox and save it just to turn off the option. Fortunately we can create a button to temporary turn off the option. For that purpose, enter this to Opera’s address bar: opera:/button/Override%20Scroll%20Is%20Pan,,,,%22View%20flat%22 , then click on the address link to install the custom button.

EDIT: Opera 11 users must use the button found here: Toggle Scroll Is Pan Button Once you are in the website, click on “Scroll Is Pan” button.

You will see the “My Buttons” prompt come out. Just drag the icon to anywhere you like for easy access:

The icon will only temporary override the Scroll Is Pan setting, every new tab that you open will still be in Scroll Is Pan mode until you click on the button to override it. To permanently turn off this option, you will have to go to opera:config#Scroll Is Pan again, un-tick the checkbox and save the setting.

Happy touching your computer!

Difficulty: 1/5
Risk: 1/5