For those who are really interested to try/use Windows 7 (Google It) (Wikipedia) but are too broke to buy it, there’s totally legal way to use the trial version of Windows 7 forever.

Microsoft have a trail version of Windows 7 Enterprise that you can install and use for 90 days before the trail expire. You can download it from Microsoft here: (you need to sign via your Windows Live ID before you can download). Burn the disc image that you have downloaded and install from it. You will be able to use the full-featured version of Windows 7 Enterprise without any restrictions for 90 days. You will see the trail information watermark at the lower right part of your desktop.

Windows 7 Enterprise is the business-user equivalent of Windows 7 Ultimate for end-user. The differences between both version apart of the legal mumbo-jumbo is that you wont be able to find Enterprise at normal computer shop, as it’s only obtainable if your company have purchased Microsoft Software Assurance, and the preloaded games is not turned on by default. To compare to Home Premium version that comes with most of the recent new computer purchased, please click here:

Brief visual summary of Windows 7 Enterprise features.

For me, the biggest feature of Enterprise/Ultimate over Home Premium is the ability to run XP Mode and Multilingual User Interface:

Windows 7’s interface in Japanese.

Why not forever as per mentioned in the title? Once your trail of 90 days almost expire, search for “cmd.exe” then right-click on it and click on “Run as administrator”:

When you see the command prompt come out, just type “slmgr –rearm” without the quotes and then press enter:

You will then received a message saying that the command completed successfully, just press on “OK” then restart your computer. You will now enjoy another 90 days of Windows 7 free trail!

You can do this for like 3 times and Windows won’t allow you to do it anymore. Just follow the steps below to trick Windows to extend the trail period:
1. Press F8 repeatably after you started up your computer to display the Advanced Boot Options
2. Select Repair your Computer
3. Select the keyboard input method
4. Enter the Windows Login details
5. Note on which drive the OS is installed below Choose Recovery Option
6. Click on Command Prompt
7. Type driveletter:reset (example C:reset or D:reset) and press Enter
8. Click on Restart button
9. After logon, ignore the watermark & wait for a while till a Message Box is displayed.

There you go, free trail of full-featured Windows 7 forever!

Please be aware that you cannot upgrade this version of Windows 7 to a RETAIL version. It will stay in this state forever unless you format and fresh install another version of Windows 7

For more info: Windows 7 Enterprise 90-day Trial FAQ’s

Be a legal pirate.

Difficulty: 2/5
Risk: 2/5