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For whatever reason that you need a detailed information on your computer (eg: before sending your computer to your personal and free computer technician to fix, you do not want to embarrass yourself by not even knowing how big is your hard drive, do you?), If you are using Windows 7 (Google It) (Wikipedia), you can follow a guide below and send the report generated to your poor personal and free computer technician to analyze the condition of your computer.

Type “perfmon /report” to your search box and press enter:

You will see something like this:

After a minute, you will see something like this:

Click on ‘File’ then ‘Save As’:

Save the file and then send it to the poor guy:

Help us to help you!

Difficulty: 1/5
Risk: 0/5

State when received:

Watafak happened: Cant load pass the Health Warning Screen.

Troubleshooting done: Used SaveMiiFree and able to see the version number, in this case, it’s v3.2U.

Early Hypothesis: Simple stuff, Banner bricked by the owner who think s/he can hack a Wii easily.

What is done to fix it:
– Used a LoadMii autoboot disc on a WiiKey modded DVD Drive.
– Load Any Title Deleter and delete the stubbed IOS16 and IOS36.
– Load Wad Manager on cIOS 249 and install IOS16-64-v257-prod.wad and IOS36-64-v1042.wad.
– Autoboot Nintendo Backup Disc v1.31 and select "Delete All" (Basically just format the whole Wii as I’m lazy to search which is the corrupted data, just delete all.)
– Installed bootmii and priloader (to protect the wii owner’s sorry ass from bricking it again!)
– Removed all stubbed IOS.
– Installed Hermes cIOS v4. (For forward compability with USB loading apps)

There, fixed!

What can be further done but I’m lazy: Update it to v4.3 with all the application updated to support v4.3. (A several hours process, it’s not my Wii so I don’t care! I’m doing this for FREE and I don’t even know who is the owner who think s/he is farken clever!)