State when received:

Watafak happened: Cant load pass the Health Warning Screen.

Troubleshooting done: Used SaveMiiFree and able to see the version number, in this case, it’s v3.2U.

Early Hypothesis: Simple stuff, Banner bricked by the owner who think s/he can hack a Wii easily.

What is done to fix it:
– Used a LoadMii autoboot disc on a WiiKey modded DVD Drive.
– Load Any Title Deleter and delete the stubbed IOS16 and IOS36.
– Load Wad Manager on cIOS 249 and install IOS16-64-v257-prod.wad and IOS36-64-v1042.wad.
– Autoboot Nintendo Backup Disc v1.31 and select "Delete All" (Basically just format the whole Wii as I’m lazy to search which is the corrupted data, just delete all.)
– Installed bootmii and priloader (to protect the wii owner’s sorry ass from bricking it again!)
– Removed all stubbed IOS.
– Installed Hermes cIOS v4. (For forward compability with USB loading apps)

There, fixed!

What can be further done but I’m lazy: Update it to v4.3 with all the application updated to support v4.3. (A several hours process, it’s not my Wii so I don’t care! I’m doing this for FREE and I don’t even know who is the owner who think s/he is farken clever!)