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State when received:

Watafak happened: Cant load pass the Health Warning Screen.

Troubleshooting done: Used SaveMiiFree and able to see the version number, in this case, it’s v3.2U.

Early Hypothesis: Simple stuff, Banner bricked by the owner who think s/he can hack a Wii easily.

What is done to fix it:
– Used a LoadMii autoboot disc on a WiiKey modded DVD Drive.
– Load Any Title Deleter and delete the stubbed IOS16 and IOS36.
– Load Wad Manager on cIOS 249 and install IOS16-64-v257-prod.wad and IOS36-64-v1042.wad.
– Autoboot Nintendo Backup Disc v1.31 and select "Delete All" (Basically just format the whole Wii as I’m lazy to search which is the corrupted data, just delete all.)
– Installed bootmii and priloader (to protect the wii owner’s sorry ass from bricking it again!)
– Removed all stubbed IOS.
– Installed Hermes cIOS v4. (For forward compability with USB loading apps)

There, fixed!

What can be further done but I’m lazy: Update it to v4.3 with all the application updated to support v4.3. (A several hours process, it’s not my Wii so I don’t care! I’m doing this for FREE and I don’t even know who is the owner who think s/he is farken clever!)


For those who own a Nintendo DS (Google It) (Wikipedia) (NDS) with Supercard DSONE SDHC (Google It) (Wikipedia) card or the original R4 (Google It) (Wikipedia) card, I have compiled a firmware to autoboot your card into Moonshell 2.05 stable (Google It) (Wikipedia), and it’s able to load commercial ROMs from Moonshell. Consider this as a super cool firmware replacement for your card.
Note: The Original R4DS card is discontinued, all card that bearing R4 name in the market is clones. This is the last fresh breath of life from me to your old R4 card.
Watch a video demonstration I found randomly on the internet:


Autoboot MoonShell 2.05 with Evolution v1.0 SP1 for SuperCard DSONE SDHC.7z
Link 1:
Link 2:
Autoboot Moonshell 2.05 with v1.17a12 for Original R4.7z
Link 1:
Link 2:

Game – Mario Hoops 3-on-3

Mario Hoops 3-on-3 (Google It) (Wikipedia) is a basketball game which is developed by Square Enix (Google It) (Wikipedia). It has a very good touch screen control system, great 3D graphic and in-game music composed by the same guy who do Final Fantasy‘s soundtrack. You even fight with the Final Fantasy team on the last tourney, starring Final Fantasy’s minor character such as mages and Moogle.

Cooking Mama (Google It) (Wikipedia) is a series of minigames that involve sliding, tapping and touching the NDS stylus, where these minigames is based on ‘cooking’ theme. There’s a wide variety of ‘meals’ for you to choose to cook, more than 75, but basically you do the same stuff. You can unlock more ‘meals’ after you complete a number or ‘cooking’.

Harvest Moon DS (Google It) (Wikipedia) is the first Harvest Moon game for NDS. This game is kinda like the gamecube version of the game, but with NDS’s touch screen tools and menu navigating. For those who dunno what the heck is Harvest Moon, Harvest Moon is a series of very popular farming simulator, where we need to plant stuf, watering them, care for farm animal, built/repair house and barns, etc etc. If you want a ‘The Sim’-like farming game, this is what you will need.

Trauma Center – Under the Knife (Google It) (Wikipedia) is a very wonderfully intertaining game where we ‘uses’ many different types of surgery instruments via the NDS touch screen and perform surgery to patients within a given time. It’s a very good game, make clever use of NDS touch screen, and have a great story-line. If you have no game to play on your NDS and finished all the great game that you wanna play, then by no means, try this great best-selling game.

Game – Pokemon Trozei!

Pokemon Trozei! (Google It) (Wikipedia) is a puzzler where gameplay is similar with Yoshi’s Cookie (Google It) (Wikipedia) and it lossly based on the Pokemon theme, except for the non-rewarding completing the pokedex side-quest. It’s also very simple due to the usage of the touchscreen to move blocks around. Good for 10 minutes transit ride.

Super Monkey Ball – Touch & Roll (Google It) (Wikipedia) is yet another Super Monkey Ball game, but ultilized the NDS touchscreen to control the monkey ball. Very easy and fast to finish this game as it’s only involving rolling a ball around. What’s great with this game is it’s mini-games, multiplayer-able and quite fun, in-fact, fun-ner than the actual main game. My favourite mini-game is Monkey Golf and Monkey Wars, a mini FPS with cute weapon. Control are good with the touchscreen, way better than Metroid and me think this is how every NDS FPS should be controlled.

Game – Elite Beat Agents

Elite Beat Agents (Google It) (Wikipedia) is the English version of the highly popular import Osu! Tatakae! Ouendan (Google It) (Wikipedia). It have different but still wacky crazy side-story and with well-known English songs while retaining the same game-play – where we touch and slide the tiouchscreen with stylus, rhythming with the selected stage/song. Music lovers should try this game.

Game – Children of Mana

Children of Mana (Google It) (Wikipedia) for NDS is the latest addition of the World of Mana (Google It) (Wikipedia) games series. This game is a very simple slash and hack brawler that not only Mana fans will enjoy, but the rest of us too. Good graphics, soundtrack, hack/slash gameplay and gems mechanics (a way to power-up our character, besides of leveling the character) but bad story-line, repetitive-ness and menu navigation.